Quote1 You're not even worthless. You're having a negative effect on the rest of the show. Quote2
--Chris Gethard to Don Fanelli[src]

Chris Gethard is Unnecessarily Mean to Someone is an unnamed bit where Chris Gethard will treat one TCGS panelist very poorly as a joke. Despite treating the rest of the cast normally, he will become fed up with one specific person and get annoyed by everything they say or do. It is usually very fun to watch him berate this person.


This bit began during the TCGS stage show at UCB, where Chris Gethard would unfairly target his close friend and teammate Will Hines. The show moved to public access on MNN without Will Hines in 2011, and Gethard began targeting Don Fanelli instead. This bit did not work as well on live television as it did on stage, and it appeared that Chris was just being cruel for no reason. They decided to retire the bit.[1]

Eventually Gethard would use this bit again with The Man Behind the Plant.



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  1. The First Episode

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