This is a listing of every episode of The Chris Gethard Show, including television broadcasts and web exclusives.


MNN Season 1Edit

  1. The First Episode
  2. The Episode Where Everything Started
  3. The Third Episode Episode
  4. The Tazapper Episode
  5. The Whiffle Bat Gang Episode
  6. The Last Small Studio Show
  7. The Hands on an Audience Member Episode
  8. The Kickboxer Episode
  9. The Dance Battle Episode
  10. The Human Crane Episode
  11. The How Random is Random Jean Episode
  12. The Fanelli Birthday Episode
  13. The What's On My Head Episode
  14. The Drawing Pictures Episode
  15. The Find The Human Fish Episode
  16. Goodbye Random Jean
  17. New Friends and Long Lost Friends
  18. The Physical Fitness Episode
  19. The Great American Presidential Debate
  20. Sibling Rivalry
  21. The Milkshake of Death
  22. Random Andrew and The Hero's Journey
  23. Sandwich Night
  24. The Greatest Rivalry in Sports
  25. Papa Gethard's Love Cauldron
  26. Monologues Only
  27. One Hundred Callers
    1. Holiday Special: The Spirit of Gethard
  28. Ruin This Show
  29. The Dominatrix
  30. The Night of Zero Laughs III
  31. The Blindfold Show
  32. Loser is the New Nerd
  33. The Search for the New Random
  34. The Birth of the Third Random
  35. Checking in With Alyssa
  36. How Do Girls Work?
  37. The Culture Show
    1. Special: FAQ Special
  38. The Birth of The Hintmaster
  39. The Camera Cannon
  40. The Wisdom of the Aged
  41. Math Sucks, Hintmaster Sucks
  42. The Hintmaster Show
  43. Multiple Choice Cavalcade of Fiascos
  44. Foreign Language Bingo
  45. We Got Nothing
  46. Robot Fights
  47. Birthday Night
  48. The Great Gethard Look-Alike Extravaganza
    1. Special: The Asbury Spectacular
  49. Farewell Melissa
  50. The One Year Anniversary Show
  51. The Night of Zero Laughs 2
  52. The Genuine Sadness Episode
  53. The Shitty Art Show
  54. The Twist Magazine August 2012 Issue
  55. The Setup Show
  56. Sum Yourself Up in One Sentence
  57. Celebrities Come Validate Us
  58. The Crowd-Sourced Character Contest
  59. Happy Murf Day
  60. Truth or Dare
  61. The Ultimate Public Access Party
  62. Smash Cut to the Future
  63. Smash Cut to the Past
  64. A Book Shall Be Written
  65. The Blindfold Show II
  66. The Softer Side of Shannon O'Neill
  67. The Cans Film Festival 2012
    1. Special: The Hallowcane Squeezetacular
    2. Special: 12 Hours of Election Coverage
    3. Special: Old Enough to Be President: Connor Ratliff's 35-Year Journey to the White House
  68. The Beef Off
  69. Sandwich Night 2012: 2 Sandwich 2 Night
  70. Fan Fiction Theatre
  71. First Night in Harlem
  72. Panic Attacks and Technical Disasters
    1. The Spirit of Gethard 2: Hintmaster Hologram Holiday Special
  73. Hyperresolutions
  74. Keeper and Company
  75. Loser is Still the New Nerd
  76. Angels and Devils
  77. Belly Burrito
  78. Farewell Manesha
  79. Race to the Top
  80. Ambidextrous?
  81. February Beach Party
  82. When the Cat's Away, The Ratz Will Play
  83. First Times
  84. Someone Will Die
  85. The Royal Rumble of Twister
  86. Beyonce!
  87. Let's Get Real
  88. What's in Hot Dog's Mouth?
  89. Conventional Real Late Night Characters
  90. Who Needs a Haircut?
  91. We Will Predict Your Future
  92. Sum Yourself Up in a Dance Move
  93. What's the Worst Thing You Can Make Us Say
  94. Conspiracy Theory Gary Show
  95. The Hour Long Song
  96. The Crowd Sourced Character Contest 2
  97. True or False
  98. Leaked Emails
  99. Lookin' at Dicks in the Dark: A New Low
  100. Hundo
  101. Glory Hole Kissing Booth
  102. Destroy-a-Toy
  103. Turtle Birthday
  104. Space Battle
  105. Caller Critiques
  106. The Villain's Journey
  107. We Got Nothing 2
  108. The Mole
  109. The Beef Off 2
  110. Olympic Training
  111. We Watch You
  112. TCGS Half Hour + Saddle-Bee Neigh-t Hive
  113. Mike at the Library
  114. Rid Us of This Cursed Doll
  115. Open for Delivery
  116. Place Your Bets
  117. A Big Announcement
  118. Sandwich Night Br3advolution
  119. Scare the Shit Out of Bethany
  120. The Cream Wedding
    1. Special: Murf vs. Gimghoul: Hour-Long Scumbum Exposing Special
    2. Special: The Spirit of Gethard 3: Christmas Juice
  121. The Human Fish Gets Waxed
  122. Tell Us Something You've Never Told Anyone
  123. J.D.'s Nightmare
  124. I'm Nervous All the Time
  125. Say it to My Face
  126. Don Fanelli Builds a Human Size Bird House
  127. Paintin' Faces with Diana Kolsky
  128. Spanish Calls Only
  129. How Would You Fight Me?
  130. Straight-Up Phone Sex
  131. Talkin' Teenz
  132. Juan in a Million
  133. The Night of Zero Laughs V
  134. The First Call Show
  135. We Aren't Done Talking About Wrestling Yet
  136. Talk About Whatever You Want (But We Recommend Professional Wrestling)
  137. Why Did You Stop Watching The Chris Gethard Show?
  138. ShoutOutTV Presents The Booty Shake Hour with Bo Montez
  139. I Can Do Bad All By Myself
  140. 18th Century American Gladiators
  141. Should We Keep Doing This Show?

MNN Season 2Edit

  1. Fill the Bowl
  2. Flying Knives and Animal Heads
  3. Down to Fun
  4. 200 Kazoos and #SmithGate
  5. Who's Your Favorite Serial Killer? Have You Taken Human Life?
  6. Birds and Bees and Eventually Eggs
  7. Those Are Words My Mouth Just Said
    1. Special: Truth or Myth with Smith: Episode 1
  8. Sandwich Night: Toast Protocol
  9. All Hands on the Bad One
  10. Web CG
  11. The Crowd Sourced Character Contest 3

MNN Season 3Edit

  1. Fetish Party
  2. Meet the Parents
  3. When Next You See Us We Will Be Standing Atop the Rubble Of The Entertainment Industry, Victorious Conquerers In A Strange Land That's Never Welcomed Us. We Are The Outsiders. We Are The Renegades. We Are The Surrogates For The Silent Masses Who Are Not Willing To Be Treated As A Number, Who Are Smart Enough To Know That Their Value Is Rooted In More Than What Demographic Some White Male In A Suit Categorizes Them In. In April We Take To New Airwaves To Shout Furiously On Behalf Of The Sad, Creative, Sexually Confused, Generally Forgotten Kids Who Have Long Found It Unpleasant To Shout For Themselves. We Are A Voice For The Voiceless. We Take To The Grid So That We May Speak On Behalf Of Those Who Opt To Live Off Of It. We Are The Nervous System, And Our Viewers Are The Heart And The Brain. We Aim To Obey The Commands Of The Meekest Voices Amongst The Din. We Are Selling Out, But We Will Never Back Down. We Thank The Powers That Be For Our Seat At The Table But We Refuse To Ever Be Cool And We Insist On Making A Mess. Some People Get Invited In The Front Door. Some People Sneak Through The Back Door. We Are Sleeping In A Tent In The Vacant Lot Next Door And Throwing Eggs At The Metaphorical House. This Is Not Goodbye, It's Only See Ya Later. This Is Not The End, It Is The Beginning. MNN Was Where The Forces Gathered, And Now The Army Marches. And You, The Viewers Who Have Supported Us, Are The Generals In That Army, The Admirals On The Ships, You Tell Us When It's Time To Push The Button And Go Nuclear On The Whole Venture. The Mainstream Entertainment Industry Murdered Andy Kaufman And It Is The Duty Of This Show To Get Revenge On His Behalf.


Fusion Season 1Edit

  1. Show Us the Weirdest Thing About Your Body
  2. Human Duck Hunt
  3. We'll Sleep When We're Canceled
  4. Fear: A Comedy Show
  5. Til Geth Do Us Part
  6. You Okay?
  7. Loser Party at Comic-Con

Fusion Season 2Edit

  1. Quit Your Job
  2. The Diddy Episode
  3. Slam Dunks, Slam Poetry
  4. Under the Sea Prom
  5. Fuck Censorship
  6. The Truth Might Be Out There
  7. Family Dinner
  8. Tragedy Plus Time
  9. One Man's Trash
  10. Fight For the Fish

truTV Season 3Edit

  1. Too Many Pinatas
  2. Innocuous Opinions, Dire Consequences
  3. The Official TCGS Dum-Dum
  4. Oops, We Got a Bunch of Exercise Equipment
  5. Meth and Geth Talk About Death
  6. Technology will Destroy Us All
  7. Get It Off Your Chest
  8. What Could Have Been?
  9. Everything is Terrifying
  10. Take a Chance