The Chris Gethard Show Wiki is currently in development and we are building templates to help structure the site. This is a work-in-progress guide for people who are interested in helping the wiki grow. For now, this page is going to be restricted to article types that have been finalized. For example, we're not entirely sure how we want to structure pages for musical guests yet.

If you need something to do, the Tasks category is pretty much crammed full of them. You can also check out Wanted Pages if you want to start an article from scratch.


Pretty much every single episode needs work done at some point. If you want to watch an old episode and write up some details about it, that would be greatly appreciated. There is a list located here of articles that still need sections filled out. When every section has been filled out as thoroughly as possible, please cross the episode off of that list.

Here is a guide to the standard layout of an Episode page, and how to fill out the individual fields. The best current example of what these pages should look like is The First Episode.

{{Episode Infobox
| Title = <!-- Episode title -->
| Image = <!-- Filename.jpg -->
| Host = <!-- Host of this specific episode -->
| Guests = <!-- Celebrity guests separated by <br/> -->
| Music = <!-- Musical guests -->
| Random = <!-- The Random appearing in this episode -->
| Topic = <!-- The live call in topic --> 
| Network = <!-- Network this originally aired on -->
| Season = <!-- Season, relative to network -->
| Number = <!-- Episode number in this season -->
| Date = <!-- Air date -->
| Previous = <!-- Previous episode -->
| Next = <!-- Next episode -->

<!-- {{Quote|Quote text|Speaker}} -->

<!-- Intro: Basic description of the episode premise and call-in topic -->

<!-- Thorough synopsis of everything that happened in the episode -->

<!-- bulleted list of all the 'bits' or running gags that appear in this episode -->

<!-- bulleted list of every member of the regular cast that appears -->

<!-- bulleted list of the fictional characters that appear -->

<!-- bulleted list of all named callers -->

<!-- bulleted list of guests, meaning people who are not regulars -->

===Studio audience===
<!-- bulleted list of named studio audience members who participate onscreen  -->

<!-- bulleted list of all behind-the-scenes crew members -->

===The LLC===
<!-- List the members of The LLC that were present and what songs they performed -->

===Musical Guest===
<!-- Replace this header with the name of the musical guest -->
<!-- List the songs they performed -->

<!-- Upload images to the wiki and put them in the gallery as File:Filename -->
<gallery position="center" widths="185" columns="3" spacing="small">


<!-- Add videos on and put them in the gallery as File:Filename -->
<gallery position="center" widths="185" columns="3" spacing="small">


<!-- {{Quote|Quote text|Speaker}} -->

<!-- Anything else worth mentioning, interesting trivia -->


==Where Can I Find This Episode?==
<!-- Provide links to anywhere this can be found on the internet -->

{{TCGS Episodes}}

The following templates should be used if a section has not been filled out yet. They will automatically add that page to a category in Tasks for sections that have not been filled out.

  • {{Missing Audience}}
  • {{Missing Bits}}
  • {{Missing Callers}}
  • {{Missing Cast}}
  • {{Missing Characters}}
  • {{Missing Crew}}
  • {{Missing Gallery}}
  • {{Missing Guests}}
  • {{Missing Intro}}
  • {{Missing Links}}
  • {{Missing LLC}}
  • {{Missing Musical Guest}}
  • {{Missing Notes}}
  • {{Missing Quotes}}
  • {{Missing Synopsis}}
  • {{Missing Videos}}

If a section cannot be filled out because it is not applicable to that episode, we have templates that will generate an automatic explanation. We use these so we can avoid deleting fields on the page layout, because it is still notable when something normal does not happen. These templates just make it easier to fill out empty fields without having to write an original sentence every time.

  • {{No Audience}}
  • {{No Bits}}
  • {{No Callers}}
  • {{No Characters}}
  • {{No Crew}}
  • {{No Guests}}
  • {{No LLC}}
  • {{No Musical Guest}}
  • {{No Notes}}
  • {{No Quotes}}

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