Quote1 If I was gonna fuck someone it would probably be the Human Fish, because I want to find out some secrets. Quote2
--Michael Kayne

The Whiffle Bat Gang Episode is the fifth episode of The Chris Gethard Show on MNN, airing after The Tazapper Episode and before The Last Small Studio Show. This episode introduces the Whiffle Bat Gang, a gang of men with whiffle bats who will attack anyone that says a secret word known only to the audience. The live call in topic is a game of "fuck, marry, kill" with the panel. "Who would you fuck, who would you marry, and why would you kill the rest of us?"


The synopsis for this episode has not been written up yet.






  1. Fuck Don, Marry Jean, Kill Chris
  2. "The Guy Who Pretends to be Jack Klugman"
  3. Susan Casey asks if her and Shannon are cool.
  4. Speedy from Rocksteady compliments the musical guest.
  5. Ruby Karp asks the panel what their biggest fears are.
  6. Guy just repeats the "n-word" a bunch of times.
  7. Gregg Gethard says he would fuck Bethany "raw dog, Port Authority-style."
  8. Prank caller pretends to be Regis Philbin and baits Don into saying a secret word.
  9. "Ben" asks the Human Fish a question.
  10. "Charles" talks about the Human Fish.


Studio audienceEdit

  • Man Dressed as Kissing Booth is asked to stand up by a caller.
  • Man Dressed as Santa Claus: Bobby Moynihan says he would fuck this man dressed as Santa Claus, who is holding a sign that says "swag."
  • Walter makes his first live appearance.




The LLCEdit

Member of The LLC present during this episode include:

The songs played by The LLC include: TCGS Theme, Human Fish, Why Don't You Give Us a Call?, Whiffle Bat Gang, Awkward Song, Jerkface, Walter, and the Closing Theme.


The members of Slangcorp present include Shape, GDP, and Pistol Pete. They play the following songs:

  • Wikileaking
  • Muzzy
  • Orange Waters




Quote1 If I was gonna fuck someone it would probably be the Human Fish, because I want to find out some secrets. Quote2
--Michael Kayne


  • Chris Gethard has described The Whiffle Bat Gang as the worst idea he has ever had.
  • There are 30 seconds missing from this recording while they had to swap tapes.
  • This is the first episode where Rob Malone dances onscreen.
  • This is the first episode with actual end credits.


Where Can I Find This Episode?Edit

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